Friday, 10 March 2017

αποφασησα (με)

He picked me up from work.

We rode our bicycles and got lost in the city.

We ended up in this park.

We dumped our bicycles on the grass, and sat on the bench right next to each other. Although it was so hot - the sun was right in its peak - we sat so close, as if we didnt want to let go of each other, when there was no question of it.

and then we said.

why dont we stay? why dont we live here? for the next few months or years?

he looked at me straight in the eyes and thats when i knew.

i want to stay.

i want to stay with him right by my side, to believe in my dreams, to actually help me make them real.

so he quit his job.

and we are staying. in seville.

we are going to start from here. him and me

with no commas, or dots;  him and me on adventures through obstacles and stuff. yknow?

because its him and me. what else could i want?

so we are staying.

in seville

Buenas tardes a todos